Mama Donna’s Spaghetti Sauce

Mama Donna’s Spaghetti Sauce

Dear Readers:

This sauce is the reason why I cannot eat Italian at any Italian Restaurant. I like my sauce hot and spicy. Italian Restaurants sauce sucks the big ole high hard one. I used to serve my Mama Donna Italian in my Restaurant. I have perfected it down to a fine art. I am going to share it with you. Here goes:

Serving Size (6-8)

Calories: Tons


A) One package of Johnsonville Italian Sausage or the like.

B) One large can of cheap ass Spaghetti sauce.

C) One regular can of tomato sauce.

D) One can of diced tomatoes

E) One cup of fresh mushrooms-chopped.

F) 1/2 cup of red, orange or green bell pepper.

G) 1/2 cup of fresh onion.

H) Cup of H2O

I) 1/2 cup of red wine if you have it.


A) one tablespoon of garlic

B) 1/2 tablespoon of basil.

C) 1/2 tablespoon of oregano

D) two bay leaves-chopped fine

E) one teaspoon of red hot chili peppers.

F) one tablespoon of anise seed

G) one tablespoon of fennel seed.

H) Two heaping tablespoons of honey.



Brown your Italian sausage in a wok on med high.  While it’s browning, chop your mushrooms, onion and bell pepper.  In a separate bowl, gather up your measured spices. Do not drain the grease because that’s what binds all the spices.  Then add all your vegetables and spices to your sausage greasy stuff.  Don’t forget the honey. Mix well and add your water. Lower the heat to medium and cook for 1/2 hour covered. Keep checking to make sure it doesn’t burn. Add more water if necessary.  Then after that, add your tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce and canned diced tomatoes.

Then cook that uncovered on medium low for two or more hours. When it is super thick, cook up some noodles…and add your sauce on top. “Voila-mm mm good”  You can use this base sauce in your lasagna or rigatoni dishes as well.

Enjoy this and don’t forget to share my Ma



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