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Most of these stories aren’t even about Detroit. You guys are dumb!

–frequent 1st time visitors

Who are we? This is a group with roots in several online news site comment sections & channels around the country. Our community members became tired of having their comments underneath news stories blocked by “bad words”, held pending forever, or deleted by moderators who didn’t like that we made fun of St. Louis….because he grew up in St. Louis.

We also found a lot of our local news stations have quit providing the space to comment under their stories altogether. Where were those commenters supposed to vent their frustrations, outrage, and jokes?

TNID – The News In Detroit

A couple of Detroit-area guys created the Disqus Channel The News In Detroit to carry on after Click-on-Detroit.com eliminated their commenting space (soon proven to be a bad policy because their traffic nosedived) And their new forums attracted only the old and incontinent, like Harvey Stovall and Earlymusicus. It was definitely unfriendly for the rest of us. We expected only Click-on-Detroit veterans to go to TNID, but soon we had colonist outcasts from many news channels around the U.S., who were seeking some place where they could post sometimes irreverent and often tasteless comments without the threat of eternal damn bannation.

So this loose group of personalities coalesced around the idea that nothing in the news is too sacred to make comments on and to sometimes poke fun at, within reason. “Within reason” can be interpreted many ways, and we occasionally have heads shaking, WTF’s thrown about, and disappointment expressed. But we’ve managed to mostly stay friends without getting too clique-ey. We all seem to have a passion for not taking the news too seriously, and to find humor in just about any story.

So on this News Chat Site you will find some Detroiters, and transplants from our sister city of Chicago and a large group from Houston. A good number of Ohio residents, and small but loud contingents from New York, Baltimore, Boston, North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, St. Louis, California, Oregon, Washington State, Wisconsin, and we have our fair share of Canadians, but their opinions are metric so they only count for .62 as much as American opinions. And we have a good friend from South Africa who we haven’t heard from in a while now. She was a good friend to have with us and the last time we heard from her, there were groups causing violence in her home town and we fear that she had to flee her home to stay away from it. If you’re reading this, please pray for her.

You will not take long to find the real characters we have on this forum. We have a man who grew up in Detroit and who has the absolutely most colorful way of describing the current inhabitants of that once great city. We have meme-collectors, who have at least 6 great memes for any topic in the news. We have a lady who only posts in Haiku. We have an older woman who has had health problems, but who must get the absolutely best medical grade marijuana, because her posts are deadly. We have a guy who writes and records songs about news stories, and posts them for us to listen to. We have a guy who invariably finds a way to tell us if the female in the story is “pound-worthy”. Our friend from Boston gives us the word of the day from his large sombrero. We have our animal rights activists who seem to find the best animal stories. We have our great friends to the north (actually SOUTH from downtown Detroit) who like to give us their elbow in our ribs and not let us get too comfortable. It’s a great and very fun group.

So here you go. This is a place to comment all you want about the news. If we know you, request access to post your own stories, and see what kind of comments you can attract. If you’re new, just go around the stories and find your posting voice, and let us hear what you think. Have fun, but we don’t allow Spamming, Targeted Harassment, Threats, Doxxing or Revealing Personal Information, or Trolling. There is a difference between arguing, arguing childishly, and just arguing to provoke a fight. That is the kind of trolling we don’t allow. Oh, and we don’t allow the outright bashing of The United States of America. We don’t care how “true” your stories are; if you’re just here to bash the U.S. over and over again, then that will be considered trolling. Sorry. Our sandbox.

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