TNBD’s Saturday Night Music (1st Album edition)


On February 18th, 1974 an obscure album was published to the Rock and Roll world from an unknown band named KISS that was soon about to make a huge impact on the Music industry for decades to come. It was the first venture by a newly developed record label (Casablanca) releasing KISS’s self titled album almost 50 years ago today as the label’s feature band!!


KISS is arguably the most successful band of all time with legions of loyal fans who didn’t mind being considered the outcasts of Rock and Roll fandom but almost relished in it. The story of KISS from the beginning was one of struggling to pay the bills and carving out a name for themselves one night at a time, but with a very smart and  flamboyant (in your face) style, it didn’t take long for people and the industry to take notice.

In my personal opinion based on my experiencing them and seeing how they built their beginning foundation, I’d say it wasn’t only just the fans that made them so successful. It was the parents of the fans who noticed such a keen interest in their kid’s with KISS. And as the beginning pressed on, the KISS machine created tons of merchandise that was perfect for birthdays and Christmas presents that were must-haves for any young KISS Army member.

My parents always knew they wouldn’t go wrong buying me anything KISS and what they didn’t buy me… I mowed the lawn, did the dishes, washed the car… whatever it took to get money to buy me the next KISS record for my crappy little record player in my room and the house system for when they weren’t home.😜

So Props to all the cool parents out there that hooked their kid up with their first album or shirt and kept it coming… you guys Rock!!

So tonight My Cool Cats, I bring to you my first- 1st Album Edition of Saturday Night Music of many to come from the bands you all grew up to and love! And if y’all have some stories to share on that, do not hesitate!

And please, go ahead and throw in any bands and artists you’d like to see in this category, you’re interests are my interests since I’ll be watching and listening because your faves may become next in the editions to come!


..and finally, If you got anything else you’re in the mood for besides Rock, no problem! All musical genres are welcome here and you having a great time is my mission so please, explore any and all the tunes you’d like..

And thanx y’all for being a part of our Saturday Night jam session here on TNBD!


Rock on Cool cats!! 🤘😝 🔥


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