TNBD’s Superbowl Squares Donations


TNBD wants to congratulate and thank


Again, our online game prize winners have opted to have their prizes for winning the four quarters of the Superbowl Squares game to go to charities of their choice.  This shows how awesome you people are.  Just for future reference, if you ever win a prize from one of our events or games, you are under no obligation to give. We are perfectly happy to send you your prize for yourself, and many of our winners over the years have done so. No pressure.

If anybody out there has any ideas for future games and contests, or simply wants to nominate another great cause for TNBD to send a little somethin’ somethin’ to, feel free.  We’ve given to animal shelters, dog rescues, police departments, children’s cancer hospitals, police organizations, arts causes, youth sports, victims of communism………who else?  The sky’s the limit.  Help us decide by sending us ideas for a cause that is near and dear to you guys. It’s better than MichCon and DCL getting a coffee addiction.

If you want to send TNBD some coffee like many of you have already done, there will be a QR Code below to make it easy, or you can click on the little pink coffee cup that should be on the bottom-right of your screen when visiting our site.

Thanks again guys.  You’re all awesome.

Stormy Kitteh‘s $25 donation went to The Detroit Dog Rescue.
Captain USA‘s $25 donation went to The Wounded Warrior Project
Satin Sheets‘ $25 donation went to  Leader Dogs For The Blind
Sherri Roll Tide‘s $25 donation went to The National Coalition For Homeless Veterans

If you want to see any or all of these receipts better, just email us. We would be happy to show you the full details, minus any personal information.

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