Alan Jackson Reveals Deliciously Simple ‘No Bake Cookie’ Recipe

Alan Jackson Reveals Deliciously Simple ‘No Bake Cookie’ Recipe

By Logan DeLoye

It is always nice to have a quick, simple desert recipe that is easily prepared with the whole family in mind during the holidays. Country music legend Alan Jackson doubles as a Christmas cookie crafter as he shares this special recipe with the world. Jackson took to Twitter to share a photo of the recipe in addition to a few kind words for fans and those looking to recreate the recipe for their family holiday parties this year.

“Looking to make a sweet treat? From “Who Says You Can’t Cook It All – 2nd Edition,” here’s a quick and simple family recipe. #cookiesforsanta,” the Tweet read.

The photo attached to the post details the ingredients needed to make the cookies, and how to prepare them. To make this simple dish, you will need two cups of sugar, two tablespoons of cocoa, one-half cup of milk, one stick of butter, one-half cup of peanut butter, and three full cups of “quick” oatmeal.


Those looking to prepare these cookies will then need to “bring sugar, cocoa, and butter mix to a boil.” The next step is to stir in the peanut butter followed by the three cups of oatmeal. After all of the ingredients are mixed and stirred to the ideal consistency, the cookies can be dropped “on wax paper by the tablespoons” and put in the refrigerator to cool before enjoying!


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