EVERYONE! This is an old-fashioned PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST. We have used a locally famous Coney Island restaurant that Detroiters and visitors have loved for decades. Lafayette Coney Island. (no offense to American Coney Island, who is equally good and equally popular). But this is like Ford or Chevy, Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb, Catholic Priests or Bible Camp Counselors. Look at the photo and write us your best caption.

“Best” can be the funniest, or cutest, or most unexpected, most ironic, most off the wall, most disgusting, or most punny. We really don’t know. DCL and MichCon will look at the entries you put up and just see what hits us the most. …..Please no racist or personal attack comments. Rory, use your humor for good and not evil.

The contest will go until 10:10, and we’ll announce the winner. Unless there is a flurry of new comments or something near the end. The judges decisions are usually final, and remember this is for fun not attacks.

Ready … GO

Write Caption
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