Come play! Come win $100.00 gift card tonight.

Do you have it in you to post the best blast comment? We had a couple of dudes come here and we had their backs but they screwed us over. Complete strangers that we tried to help out a little bit. Let’s show them you don’t do that to us.

Normally we don’t let these people post link to their sites. But these guys tried to win us over so I did something I should not have done. After doing it the owner/mod there tried to blast us and lie about us here. So as a thank you to them for being assholes, let’s play a game. Best one to blast them gets $100.00 gift card.

Here’s what we think of the dudes over at Conservative Hardliner for trying to screw over us and the people here at TNBD.

Game starts here at 8:00 Good luck guys!

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