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Another political comment from me. I’m fed up with all the BS.

How long can or will We the People stand for what is happening to America and to the people? Here are a few things that jumps higher with each renewal/invoice.
1. car insurance
2. health insurance
3. cell phone
4. electricity
5. housing heat
6. water
7. housing
8. interest on credit cards for bring inflation down (what a joke)
9. food
10.. unemployment (new jobs numbers? just a joke)
11. corrupt politicians that cost the taxpayer millions
12. car gas
There’s more, but the list is getting long. How long, be honest, how long can We the People foot the bill for politicians, their offices with their reckless spending? What has any politicians done for America or for the people this year. I do know that a lot of them has shown themselves to be fools. Haven’t seen much maybe I missed it. Lastly, should politicians get paid for doing nothing or should they be paid according to what work for the people they do, like on a commission. I won’t get started on education. Rant not over. It’s just beginning. Beginning with honest elections. Get the old timers out. Term Limits. Corruption out. We can do this America. Remember politicians are employed by We the People.

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