TNBD Detroit Zoo Mascot Adoption POLL

TNBD Detroit Zoo mascot adoption POLL

TNBD is going to adopt an animal at The Detroit Zoo as our official mascot.


The Detroit Zoological Society’s A.D.O.P.T.S. program provides an opportunity for you to support endangered species around the world and their mission of Celebrating and Saving Wildlife and Wild Places while offering a gift that keeps on giving!

Your symbolic animal adoption will support the conservation of animals at the Detroit Zoo as well as endangered species around the world. Your support will also help provide the best in animal and veterinary care for the more than 2,000 animals representing more than 200 species that call the Detroit Zoo home.

On the poll below please type in which animal you want us to adopt as TNBD pet.
After the winner is selected and we adopt it we will receive the following from The Detroit Zoo:

  • Adoption certificate 
  • 8×10 color photo of animal adopted 
  • Animal fact sheet

Our mascot’s photo and name will be posted and added to the family photo.

Which animal should we adopt as our official TNBD mascot? Type it in poll below.

Here are the choices.


Anteater Gorilla Penguin Tiger
Sloth Grizzly bear Polar bear Warthog
Bald eagle Kangaroo Red panda Wolf
Beaver Lemur Rhinoceros Wolverine
Flamingo Lion Prairie Dog Zebra
Axolotl Frog Wildebeest Bat
Giraffe North American River Otter Southern Sea Otter Bison
Tortoise Ostrich Swamp Monkey Snake
Japanese Macaque Red Ruffed Lemur

Which animal should we adopt from The Detroit Zoo as our official TNBD mascot? Type  in your choice and click VOTE.

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