Saturday Night Music Here on TNBD!


Greetings Ladies and Gents and Welcome to all of our favorite night of the week because it’s that long awaited time once again! Saturday Night Music!

Tonight I’m dealing with the meanest case of writer’s block and it’s taking me forever to figure out what the heck I want to do with the page… So I threw on Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers” for inspiration as everyone’s asleep in the house & I’m  hoping no one wakes up and yells at me for jamming too loudly (sigh)….. again. 🙄

So while I’m listening to Richie Blackmore ripping through his leads, I can tell you this, tonight seems like an awesome night for some good ol’ tried and tru Rock’n’Roll!

I’m thinkin’ of a 70’s era night myself tonight with alotta my jams. 🔥🎶🔥


What night will it be for you? What’s your flavor gonna be?

Because tonight’s an Open Night for anything you’re in the mooood for! Rock, Jazz, Country, Metal, Etc. Etc. 😍

So grab yourself some goodies to snack on with a sparkling drink & pull up a 🪑 with all your TNBD friends!

& a Big Thankyou to all y’all that got down with us last week on the Movie Sound Tracks Edition, you guys were amazing❗👊😎


…And as always,

Thanx to y’all for making TNBD 👉the place to be👈 every Saturday Night!

We can’t do this thang without you!


💜 Peace & Love Y’all! ✌😎


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