TNBD’s Saturday Night Music (Movie Soundtracks Edition)






Hey’ya movie fans and Welcome to tonight’s Saturday Night Music here on your favorite weekly Disqus music page….❕ Only on TNBD!

Tonight I wanna change it up a bit and get into some great songs that we all discovered in the last place we’d expect to fine them, in a movie!!

Now I’ve been more than shocked, more than once, in the middle of a movie during a scene and this song kicks in and I have no idea who it is but I just love it! Sometimes that song even outshines the scene itself. (at least for me)

And as a kid & teen I had a mountain of cool songs laid on me during the after credits when everyone’s standing up to walk out of the theatre and I’d stop in my tracks just to sit down again in a different seat captivated by the closing credits song. And I’d let the jam ride out and then finally bail 3 minutes after everyone else left.

But anyways…

I wanna know folks, what songs in a movie got you as a kid, teen and adult and even recently? Guns and Roses in the Terminator movie caught my ear with “You could be mine.”

That song blew my wig when I heard that!! Especially in the end of it with Axl Rose screaming that last screeching note. 😲!

Every genre’s on the table tonight guys and gals but if you just wanna play whatever whether in a movie or not, your wish is my command since it’s an open night tonight! I always have a blast checking out what everyone comes up with every weekend. 👀❓

Have yourself a great night here Ladies and Germs & thanx for stopping by!

Peace & love and fun everyone!! ✌😎


And….. Action!! 🎬





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