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Howya doing Ladies and Germs and Welcome to tonight’s Retro version of Saturday Night Music!

Back in the day, when I was a little tike I was set in front of my parent’s TV and introduced to a show that I just melted into, which became an all-time fave for me.

Looking back I’d say after the Happy Days era WKRP in Cincinnati became my newest go-to show that I couldn’t get enough of.

The characters, the vibe, the comedy and ohhh-yes.. THE Music had me hooked.

Tonight in history was a special episode in WKRP’s episodes and sadly it was about an unfortunate accident that happened there with The Who on December 3rd, 1979 which has changed the way concert tickets were ultimately sold. For those who may have missed it, I will post it below if you choose to watch.

But for tonight here, I wanted to dive into the Classic’s of Rock and Soul that our Boys Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap would lay upon the airwaves. I really loved the concept of jamming Rock during the day and in the evening slowing it down with some cool 70’s soul. What a great mix for a radio station to have. If WKRP was a real station, they’d definitely be on my top selections on my car’s 8 track radio.

I can go on and on about this great classic of a sitcom but we gotta get into what we are all showed up for tonight, The Music!

So… without further ado..!

“All right Cincinnati, it’s time for this town to get down!”

~Dr. Johnny Fever

Thanx for being here everyone and have a great night with us on your favorite news and music station!..


Peace & Love my cool cats! ✌😎

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