TNBD’s Saturday Night Music



What am I in the mood for?

Right now I’m listening to…..

I always wanted to post this song………

I wonder if anyone will like this!!


Hey Guys and Gals and welcome to tonight’s Saturday Night Music here on your favorite website and mine.. TNBD!! 

Tonight everything is 100% open to you!

ANY Genre goes from Classical to Punk to R&B and ANYTHING in between!! 

You like something but embarrassed about it? Well, Screw Everyone and play that sucker for the world to see! Tonight’s the night to do it without any guilt. 

Not a regular Saturday Night Music poster and you only wanna do news comments because perhaps no one might relate to your musical tastes?

No Problem!! We got your back tonight and roll the red carpet out for YOU so you can shine in the moonlight along with the rest of the TNBD posse!  You’re family here so c’mon in!

So now that’cha got 100% freedom at the DJ Booth with the crowd ready to go, what’cha wanna play?! 🎧


I won’t mind a little Country/Opera myself…………… What?! 🤠🎻


Thanx Ladies and Gents of TNBD and have a great time tonight! 

And if you’re new here and gotta little somethin’ somethin’ ya wanna share, C’mon down! We’d love to hear from you! 🎵👂

✌😎 Peace and Love Y’all

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