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Greetings Ladies and Germs,

And Welcome to TNBD’s Saturday Night Music!

Hopefully y’all had a great Thanksgiving and you’re ready to continue the festivities tonight with the TNBD Saturday night posse. Yesterday I was informed by one of our great commenters here🍺 The Jester of Genocide , that Sunday is the 80th birthday of one of Rock’s All-Time great guitarists Jimi Hendrix!

(November 27th, 1942 – September 18, 1970)

…and when I learned about it, well then… What else could I possibly post as a better topic than that!!

Jimi Hendrix has always been a mind-blowing artist to me with his free-style bluesy rock guitar style and unique voice that made his sound so different than the other artists of his time. His style was so free and bold.

He was truly one of a kind that has influenced a great number of artists and I’d imagine many more in the future as well..

So tonight we’ll dive into some 60’s and early 70’s rock as the topic for our Saturday jam session, and as always.. if you have something else in mind, go ahead and lay it on us Baby! We accept all kinds of music here from any era, so don’t be shy with whatever ya feel like sharing! And feel free to chat if ya wanna as well, we’re all ears.

We at TNBD feel very Blessed to have you with us every Saturday Night, and if you’re new here, feel free to introduce yourself with some tunes of your own. We’re always happy to see new faces on our wonderful little channel we have here.

And Thanx everybody!


Peace & Love! ✌😎🎸

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