WATCH THIS: Dude With Megaphone Goes Off On NYPD & Makes Them Leave

WATCH THIS:  Dude With Megaphone Goes Off On NYPD & Makes Them Leave


New York police are said to be worried that the city’s politicians don’t support them after two men were filmed leaving a pig-shaped squeak toy on the hood of an NYPD patrol car as they mocked and hurled expletives at the officers inside.

Video of the incident was shared on social media Friday by the NYC police union highlighting the ‘hate and harassment’ experienced by cops from members of the community.

Mayor Bill De Blasio had not responded to calls for comment from Fox News as of Saturday afternoon.

 ‘Cops are shook right now – the city politicians don’t have their backs,’ a source told Fox News. ‘The last thing they want to do is take action in good faith and the situation goes wrong, and now they are the bad guys.’

The two-minute clip begins with the pair approaching two officers parked near the intersection of W 155th Street in Manhattan’s Washington Heights.

One man holding a megaphone is seen asking the cops for their badge numbers behind their rolled up window, while the other places a pig toy on the hood of the car.

The officers do not appear to engage with the two men and keep their windows rolled up throughout the encounter.

The pair then go on to antagonize the cops and hurl abuse at them, branding them ‘mother f***ers’, ‘b***h, and other insults.

‘2354 for this dirty motherf***er,’ the man with the megaphone says as he reads out the officer’s badge number.

‘That’s a pig. That’s a gift for you, b***h,’ he tells them, referring to the squeak toy.

As the men circle the vehicle and mock the cops, a small crowd of people can be seen in the background holding up signs and chanting.

The man with the megaphone begins to chant ‘F**k 12’ – a common anti-police phrase – as others chime in.

The officers do not react for most of the encounter, but after several minutes decide to drive away from the crowd, prompting further chants.

‘Get the f**k out. Get the f**k out the f**king hood. Even the people don’t wanna see you here, b***h,’ the man shouts.

The men are then heard singing, ‘na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye,’ as the cops leave.

The footage was shared by the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York which said the incident had taken place on Tuesday.

‘Listen to the hate and harassment directed at these two Neighborhood Coordination Officers. Why? No reason apart from the uniform,’ they tweeted.

‘We know these haters don’t speak for the community. But the politicians think they do. That’s the problem. #WeNeedPolice.’

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