CHICAGO 2021 DEATH POOL…and the winner is…


In case you’re new here, every year we have our annual Chicago Death Pool, where all members of our community guess the total number of murders that will occur in the city of Chicago for the coming year. The person whose guess is the closest to the death toll wins.

We had a very strange outcome this year. According to our official source, The Chicago Sun-Times, the grand total number of homicides in Chicago in 2021 was 836 (AS PER THE COOK COUNTY CORONER).  But the Chicago POLICE total was released as 797.   In the past, we have always gotten a single number from our official source, so we had to make a decision as to which number to accept.

TNBD has decided to consider the COOK COUNTY number as official, and the CHICAGO POLICE as a second place winner.

DAVID SAMPSON wins 1st place, having guessed 838 (2 more than 836)
DUCK DODGERS wins 2nd place with a guess of 792.5 (4.5 less than 797)


Everyone, please give David Sampson and Duck Dodgers their congrats.


Next year, we will be using HEY JACKASS as our official source and they always give us a single number so we will not have this problem again.  And remember, we are able to run this yearly game due to our community clicking on ADVERTISEMENTS they see while on TNBD.  Please continue to click those ads.  It’s making a difference.

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