‘Execution style:’ Dog found shot in head with mouth duct taped rescued from Washington woods

Image: Fox 13 Seattle


A shocking discovery near Mount St. Helens shook the community as a dog, cruelly shot and abandoned in the woods, was found clinging to life.

Dylan Schulda and his team from Cowlitz PUD stumbled upon the almost lifeless dog, concealed in a ditch far from civilization.

“It was hard to compute it was a dog at first because you are so far from anywhere that there is civilization,” Schulda recounted.

Trooper was shot execution style in the head and his muzzle was tightly taped, rendering him unable to cry out for help.

Despite the pain and trauma, this dog still showered Dylan with love after being rescued.

Miraculously, an x-ray revealed that the bullet had not pierced Trooper’s skull, offering a glimmer of hope.

“Lo and behold there was a bullet… shot execution style… jawline,” Schulda said, stunned by the cruel intention behind the act.

The Cowlitz County Humane Society stepped in to nurse Trooper back to health, aptly naming him to reflect his resilience.

An employee at the humane society has been fostering Trooper, but Dylan, owner of two dogs, will soon welcome the resilient canine into his family.

Trooper’s origin remains a mystery as he was not microchipped.


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