TNBD’s Saturday Night Music (Duets & Collabs edition)



(Photo above by: Etsy)

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Hey y’all great to see you with us tonight!

Welcome to TNBD’s bestest night of the week! I hope the anticipation has been building in you to jump into some music tonight because we don’t tend to disappoint!

Tonight’s topic is about great duet songs that you’ve seen and heard and perhaps never expected to happen. As well as bands that have collaborated together to make memorable songs you dig.. orΒ any combination of the two. And I’m not saying love songs… but if ya wanna.. 😁

Every genre’s on the table tonight from Country to Classical and everything in-between so have yourself a blast with the TNBD posse and I’m looking forward to seeing what’cha play!


😏☝  And before you go.. (By special request from the Boss)

We have a little fun to add to the mix for you..!

Gotta TNBD or disqus friend you wanna dedicate a song to? Someone here remind you of a little somethin’ somethin’? πŸ€”

πŸ”Š Let ’em know with a song! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.


& Thanx to my Cool Cats here that get down with us every week! We love having you around for our fun little jam & Chill session.

Stay Cool my friends!


Peace & Love!! ✌😎


A little Ozzy & Eric Clapton to get things started.



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