Police find methamphetamine and puppies inside ice cream truck running out of blue school bus

Police find methamphetamine and puppies inside ice cream truck running out of blue school bus

A police department in Louisiana said they were tipped off that illicit drugs were being sold out of a blue school bus running as an ice cream truck.

“Although ice cream is a great treat to eat on a hot day, the last thing anyone wants around their ice cream is methamphetamine. Unfortunately, ‘meth’ was the exact substance found inside of a local ice cream truck,” read a statement on Facebook from the Slidell Police Department.

The statement said that police observed the blue ice cream truck had an expired license plate and no brake lights on Tuesday at about 11:30 a.m. They also had previously received information that the owner was allegedly using meth and selling it from the ice cream truck.

When they pulled the bus over on the Old Spanish Trail, they performed a search and found methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia, along with melted ice cream in the freezer.

Police impounded the “Tami’s Ice Cream & Sweet Treats” truck and arrested the owner, 42-year-old Tamisha Morin, for possession of narcotics and numerous traffic violations. She also had an outstanding warrant, police said.

In addition to the meth, they found puppies in the vehicle, and they were taken to Slidell Animal Control. Morin was booked into the Slidell City Jail.

Police said they had no reason to believe any children were exposed to drugs, as the ice cream truck had been out of commission for several months.

“As always, keeping children safe is a main priority of the Slidell Police Department,” the post read. “Not only were more dangerous substances removed from the streets of Slidell, but this case also put an end to an operation that could have affected the health and safety of many children.”

Slidell is a city of about 29,000 people in the eastern part of Louisiana. The city had previously been in headlines after a woman watched an alligator bite her 71-year-old husband’s arm off in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in 2021.

Here’s a local news report about the meth puppy ice cream truck:


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