TNBD’s Saturday Night Music

⚠ Epileptic Warning: Flashing lights below. ⚠

It’s Saturday Night again all my Cool cats and that means it’s time to Get Down!

The dance floor is abuzz and just about at capacity while everyone’s waiting to see what you got to move them tonight! The line outside is almost gone and everyone’s inside heading for the bar to bring on the mood for dancing!

…as they eagerly watch you pull that first record out of it’s jacket and set it on the turntable, the club’s colored lights behind you light up and the house lights begin to dim as your moment to dish out the musical flavor has come!


So set that needle upon that fresh vinyl disk and let’s boogie!! 🍹🍸💣

👈😎👉👆😎👇 👊😎☝ 👈😎👇☝😎👉  👈😎👇 ✋😎✋ 🎈😎☝  💪😎 🎷😎👉

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