TNBD’s Saturday Night Music


Good Evening Rockers! How’s everybody doing tonight?😎🎸🔊💥

Tonight Ladies and Gents I am in a Hard Rock mood, ready to jam and hoping you’re in the mood to crank it up too!! It’s the middle of January and those pesky holidays are finally behind us, and all the lights and blow up Santa’s are back in the garage along with that fake Christmas tree with the tinsel from 10 years ago that’s too time consuming to clean off….

So now, finally!  It’s time to get back to business and Rock the house! So what do you say we dust off the ‘ol the air guitar, plug it in & Crank it Up To 11! 😜 🔥📻🔥


🍭😏 But if by chance you’re not in a rockin’ mood, play whatever you wanna play, I’m a laid back kinda cat and I don’t mind at all..

And if you’re a newbie here, jump in anytime and welcome to our jam session. You’re 100% Welcome too!

Thanx again to all of our loyal music posters that participate every Saturday Night, here on TNBD.. Much Love to You all!!


Have a great night everyone!!  ✌👽🍸



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