TNBD’s Saturday Night Music


🀠 Howdy Y’all! and welcome to tonight’s Saturday Night gettogether here on our favoritest site eva! TNBD

I hope everyone had a great week and got all your hard work behind you. Tonight I wanted to take a looksie into Bluegrass music which was introduced to our country from settlers that originated from Ireland, Scotland, and England that brought their combined music styles along with them and eventually settled into the Virginias, Kentucky, Tennessee as well as the Carolinas, writing and playing new songs that related to the new lands they were settling into. The sound they created has stood the test of time still shaping the modern Bluegrass played today.

I myself am far for an expert on this type of music which is perfect since I love being introduced to new sounds and styles I missed in the past years of my life..

But even if you yourself aren’t familiar with Country or Bluegrass music you’re invited to play any type of music you wish to play. You guys never fail to add such a variety on interesting submissions every week which makes our Saturday Nights here so successful!

Thank You all so much for being here tonight and every Saturday and I’m glad to be able to create this page for y’all, it’s truly a pleasure for me to do!


And if you’re new here… you’re invited to join in with some music yourself!

πŸ“ Yeeeeeee-Haaawww!!  🀠🎻

Have a great night tonight everyone and enjoy the weekend. β˜• 🍺

Peace & Love Y’all! πŸŽΈπŸ•


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