TNBD’s Saturday Night Music (New Years Edition)

😏 We still Alive?

Ya mean we MADE IT through 2022!!?😳

Sweet!! 😎

Anyways!!!Β  Welcome to our 2023 New Years Music Fest here on TNBD!

I hope everyone had a fine Holiday this year and you’re ready for the Finale to top off 2022! It’s been a bumpy year for us but we all should be used to it by now and have found our own ways to ride it out. For me I choose to crank up the music, but especially on Saturday Night with the TNBD Posse!

All you guys and gals that show up every time you get the chance to, have made a huge difference in the vibe of the page with all the exceptional music everyone brings here every week that really makes this site such an outstanding place to hang out! I couldn’t tell you guys how much you’re appreciated here.

So on this New Years Eve let’s celebrate our love for our friends, family, country and each other and the coming of 2023! So it’s an open night and any music goes! Feel like chatting? enjoy! Got some local stuff ya wanna share? let’s see! Wanna get blitzed, puke 🀒 and then steal the pictures off the wall on the way out to the parking lot? 😯

Well… uh.. don’t do that, I already tried that but security caught me at the door.

But THAT’s another story!! πŸ˜†

So please everyone, have yourself a GREAT NEW YEARS Night with us and enjoy some fun. πŸŽͺ🎡

…and if You DO go out tonight…. Please, NO Drinky Drivey! πŸŒ²πŸš”____πŸš—_πŸš“πŸš“πŸŒ³


✌😎🎸  Β Peace & Love y’all!!

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