TNBD’s Saturday Night Music




🤠 Howdy Everyone and Welcome tonight to TNBD’s Saturday Night Music!

I want to take a moment here and give my Personal Belated Thanks to all of the Veterans we have with us tonight, We Americans are Blessed to have You as our Family, Friends, Guides, Protectors and So Much More. Our Beautiful Country would be Nothing Without Your Sacrifice, Bravery, Time and Efforts that You have so selflessly dedicated to Our Great Country.

And We Here at TNBD Salute You with All Our Hearts!

And once Again and Always, Thank You!!

So I want tonight to be a Free open music night for everyone to enjoy their Freedom and play anything you wish. If you want to chat, feel Free! Gotta story ya wanna tell, we’re all ears! So why don’t you set-a-spell with us!

I wish Y’all an enjoyable night here and Thank You Everyone for Choosing TNBD.

Peace & Love! 😎✌

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