Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe faces racist comments after posting photo with rumored boyfriend

Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe faces racist comments after posting photo with rumored boyfriend

Bill Gates’ youngest daughter is the latest target of online trolls touting racist remarks after she posted a photo with her rumored boyfriend, who is black.

Phoebe Gates, 19, shared a cheery photo to Instagram of a young black man planting a kiss on her cheek as they sit side-by-side.

The Stanford University student and the unnamed man soon became the target of online jokes based on the intimate moment, their interracial relationship and her father’s fortune.

It’s unclear if the pair are actually dating, but that didn’t stop trolls from commenting.

“Phoebe Gates and her boyfriend pulling up to Bill Gates [sic] for Thanksgiving,” one person tweeted alongside a video of a black man waving a gun around while driving a vehicle.

A couple people on Twitter said it was a win for the black community.

“I’m so tickled at Bill Gates daughter new man,” a woman tweeted. “The black community said he secured the bag.”

“Bill Gates daughter got a black bf. I hope they get married,” another person wrote. “We finna get reparations one way or another.”

Bill Gates and Phoebe Gates

Another claimed the teen’s famous father wouldn’t be okay with his daughter dating a black man.

“Bill gates bout to make a whole new virus just to end this relationship,” the Twitter user wrote. “Who would’ve thought that with the ongoing climate crisis Bill Gate’s daughter would partake in smoking coal.”

Other crude comments focused on the Gates family’s hundreds of billions of dollars in the bank.

“Phoebe Gates has a black boyfriend, young brotha do not pull out … BE GREAT,” a person tweeted.

Another shared a video of a man dancing and snapping his fingers with the caption “When Phoebe Gates boyfriend get added to the joint checking acct.”

Phoebe Gates

Others pointed out the insanity of the response.

One Twitter shared the original photo of Phoebe Gates and her could-be boyfriend.

“Its 2022 and guess why they talking about Bill Gates daughter,” he tweeted.

Last month, the college student made headlines for posting a photo in a bikini as part of a pro-choice campaign.

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