Saturday Night Music here on TNBD 🎤


Good evening everyone and Happy Saturday Night!

We’re getting a mini heat wave here in SoCal at the moment and the night tonight is so beautiful, perfect for some fun. I got the windows and doors open so the wind can pass through and carry my musical notes down the street for all to enjoy.

And if they don’t enjoy it, well tough cookies, I always have to listen to their music when they party, but I don’t mind because I love music!

So if you’re in the mood (and I know you are) let’s lay down some melodic awesomeness and get down with our funky selves….. Oh Yea! x)

And thanx for stopping your tourbus at TNBD to play with us here, we have plenty of parking for you, and if you’re new here you’re invited to join in on the fun!


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