Hanes Introduces Second Bra To Support Shapely Rolls Formed By Regular Bra

Hanes Introduces Second Bra To Support Shapely Rolls Formed By Regular Bra

Finding the right bra for your body and bust type might take some time and effort, especially if you’re not sure what to
search for. Choosing the right bra not only just makes you feel comfortable but also some studies have shown that it
may have some effects on your physical health.

Experts are divided on whether an improperly fitted bra can cause neck and back pain. Some studies claim it has
nothing to do with it, while others suggest that women with huge breasts are more likely to wear a bra that isn’t
supportive enough. This can lead to problems with posture and pain

Some women end up having curves or shapely rolls due to wearing the wrong bra. Even though these curves can
disappear by doing fitness exercise, many women, especially those who are raising kids won’t find enough time for

For such women, Hanes has introduced a second bra to support shapely rolls formed by a regular bra.
The launch of the second bra has been the talk of the town for the last couple of days and netizens can’t get over it.
One person wrote, “Shapewear for your shapewear! I could totally see this in ads. Soon enough people will be wearing a
scuba suit under their regular suit.”

Another Twitter user commented, “One of the great mysteries of life. How does a woman take off her bra without
removing her top She pulls the bra out of her sleeve. I am humbled by a woman’s magic.”

One user completely lost her cool and expressed her emotions by saying, “Don’t they have enough bras…….now they
have to buy more…….what’s next……. a second pair of panties…”

Well, what are your thoughts on these second bras? Do you think these will become the next trend or they won’t survive much longer?


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