NYPD bodycam video shows why cops are always on edge

Rondell Goppy

A routine escort to help a domestic violence victim collect her things turned into a frantic shootout in a split second.

Police officers have been under fire for a year from critics who lay accusations of systemic racism on the entire professions. But as politicians and activists debate defunding the police and releasing convicted criminals, cops must still face the day-to-day risks to their lives that often get dismissed by their political opponents.

Case-in-point: Two NYPD officers were ambushed by an armed assailant last November, suffering gunshot wounds before taking down their attacker. The incident was captured on a dramatic bodycam video which was released today.

It is unclear whether there will be protests and riots from Black Lives Matter and Antifa “activists” following the release of the video. In the past, we would never have to wonder whether the video of a shooting of an armed assailant firing on police officers could spark riots, but these are crazy times. The shooting of Jacob Blake, who was armed with a knife, prompted the burning of Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

According to ABC7NY:

The NYPD released body camera footage Friday of a November 2020 shooting that shows the suspect in a domestic violence case entering a home in Queens and opening fire on two officers and his alleged victim.

Both officers — Joseph Murphy and Christopher Wells — were wounded but were able to return fire, killing the gunman, identified as 41-year-old Rondell Goppy. The incident happened around 12:45 p.m. on November 24, at a home on 179th Street near 146th Road in Springfield Gardens.

Authorities say a 41-year-old woman had walked into the 105th Precinct to report the domestic violence case, and the officers then accompanied her back to the residence to collect her belongings. The video shows them talking with the woman in her living room, when all of the sudden, Goppy appears at the front door and opens fire without saying a word.

He fired 11 shots in total, striking Officer Wells in the thigh and Officer Murphy in both of his hands. The officers fired 24 shots, striking Goppy several times. Law enforcement officials say it’s a miracle they survived.

“This video is chilling and difficult to watch, but it makes one thing clear: Police Officers Wells and Murphy saved lives,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said. “They saved the lives of that domestic violence victim and her children, and they saved each other’s lives – all because they had the training, skill and courage of New York City police officers. For anyone questioning whether we need police officers responding to these types of situations, this video is the answer.”

Wells is a 14-year NYPD veteran, while Murphy has been with the force since 2015.

“They saved that woman’s life,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said after the shooting. “I want to be crystal clear. Because these officers were there, that woman is alive.”

The female victim was not injured and can be seen on the video running for cover. The officers were released from the hospital on Thanksgiving morning to bagpipes and the applause of fellow officers.

There are those on the left who would recommended that incidents such as this should be handled by social workers instead of cops. After all, the victim was going to an empty house to collect her belongings. Had the political wishes of many Democrats been in place during this incident, it’s almost certain that everyone involved other than the armed assailant would be dead.

Police officers aren’t perfect. Nobody is. But it behooves us to remember the pressures they go through and the risks they accept on our behalf every day. Next time you see a cop, thank them.

NYPD bodycam video shows why cops are always on edge

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