Vote early – Vote once

Welcome everyone to the 2021 edition of The News Beyond Detroit – Chicago Death Pool. Guess the number of homicides that will take place in Chicago during this new year 2021, and you can win a gift from our sponsor.

The closest pick to the real number (as published by THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES) will win. Please do not pick a number that someone else has already picked. The first person with that number gets it, and the copycat will be out of luck.

Also, in case of a tie (two people guess a number that is equally close above & below the winning number), the number BELOW will win.

When you post your guess, do not add any comments or jokes or photos or links or anything other than your number you are guessing.  JUST THE NUMBER!

Please don’t tell us that different news sources have different results. We know about Heyjackass, and the others. We are again using the SUN-TIMES as our source.

You have 10 days to get your vote in. Good luck, and happy hunting.

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