Chinese Investment in the United States Database

Chinese financial interests have acquired more than $120 billion of assets in the U.S. economy since 2002. Fifteen Chinese government entities (sovereign wealth funds and state-owned enterprises) and government-connected private sectors firms account for nearly 60 percent of this activity. Major transactions have been recorded in at least 40 states and in diverse sectors. This includes more than 50 acquisitions of American assets worth at least $50 million each in 2016, a high-water mark for inbound Chinese investment.

To make publicly available information about the footprint of Chinese investment in the United States, Public Citizen built a new database of each transaction of $50 million or more backed by public records covering 2002 to 2016. With our downloadable dataset, for each deal, you can view (and sort by) the year, sector, location, investment type (greenfield or acquisition), investing entity, target (for acquisitions only) and deal value. This database also provides a link to one reference for additional information on each deal.

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