Detroiters on this site might remember the old STONY & WOJO radio show from the old AM1130, WDFN, The Fan. They were a huge afternoon drive sports show in the 90’s and were very popular during some really good Red Wings, Pistons, and Lions years.Well they are no longer together like Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis or Roseanne and Dan, or Monica & Bill.

But one great bit they used to have on their show was, “WHAT’S YOUR BEEF?“. And DCL and I thought it might be fun here too. This bit is for everyone to participate. What is your beef? What irks you? What makes you want to pound your head? What burns your ass? What puts a burr under your saddle? What makes you not just angry, but just makes you say WTH? This isn’t just a one-sentence pet-peeve. Take as much space as you need to describe your beef to us.

So just tell us your beef. We want to hear the best ones, and we might make this a regular thing……..with prizes, maybe.

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