TNBD’s Saturday Night Music {Love & Games Edition}

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.” ~William Shakespeare


Greetings Ladies and Gents, I hope all’s well with you on this fine night

Tonight I would like to visit a topic here that I’ve neglected… LOVE.

Me, myself don’t claim to be an expert on the topic but in fact quite the opposite. Over my life I have learned so many lessons regarding Love, but still the way I have grown to grasp the concept of it, the feeling and reaction to it has differed so much with me that at times it’s been Heaven on Earth, and other times I’ve felt as I’ve been spun around with a blindfold on and sent off into a minefield.. And as frustrating as that can seem for us, in the music world it may be the greatest aspect of it.

Our individual approach and reactions to that incredible & compelling emotion we get from Love’s mighty grasp upon us, it’s ups and downs.. translates so well into song.

From time to time, even myself will indulge in a love song that has made it’s mark in my life. Sometimes to revisit memories of loves past and other songs that have caught my fancy and for some reason has earned a place in my musical rotation.

Sooo tonight I wanna make this page for those out there who have been holding back those love songs on my music pages and finally reveal whatever you wish to share with us, don’t be shy, nothing to be ashamed of 😳 if ya think it’s to corny or sappy. Lay it on us! We wanna hear it! 😉💕

And if you want to share some stories too, the place is alll yours.

But as always, I’m not holding you to the topic, if you wanna play whatever ya want, you know you can. This is your night to get on down! So play that jukebox like ya own the building because we wouldn’t have it any other way.. 🎶



Why’s that in the title?

Well I’m glad you asked, because we got those to! I sometimes ask for topic ideas and requests from you guys and every now and again someone hits me up on it.. and earlier in the week our main man Steelie had a great idea that he suggested to me and I don’t think I can explain it any better than he did so here is what he suggested in his own words:…

“I have no name for it, so lets just call it ” The Alternative Song Title Game”.

The idea is to think of a song, then post an alternative title of said song that is a direct clue to the actual song title. Others will read it, then guess by posting a music vid as the answer.

I post (Alternative song title) “Escalator To Paradise”
You reply (Best answer) “Stairway To Heaven”…………..capisce?”


……….Which once I seen that I was like… 😍💡I Love it!!

So I’m adding it to tonight’s festivities with a huge Thankyou to Steelie for suggesting it, and I’ll probably bring that game back since it’s so Fantabulistic!!

So anyways. I’m gonna step outta the way bring on Saturday Night Music!!


Thanx everybody for being with us! 🎷😎🍰

✌Peace & L💗ve to y’all❗

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