Hey y’all.. escopoint2 here! And I’m here to let you know that the long awaited moment you have been waiting for since yesterday is finally here!

I trust you’re ready to find the Hidden Clues that we have tucked away in the six music videos below. As you’ve guessed, the First person to get the right answer will be our Winner of the TNBD Saturday Night Music Prize!

This page will be monitored as the night progresses until midnight (Eastern) and if someone gets the puzzle afterwards, they will be addressed in the AM on Sunday.

And just in case you’re not game, we still got tonight’s music topic below under the drunken Santa, chillin’ like a soon-to-be passed out Christmas present. 😴🌲

🎁 So have fun!


🎈😎 And here’s tonight’s Music topic..

Happy Saturday Night again Ladies and Germs and Welcome to tonight’s trip back in time to a day when we used to place a little needle on a piece of spinning Vinyl to bring out our much needed dose of Rock n Roll into our awaiting ears.

Back in the day I had a decent record collection and I probably wouldn’t be wrong to guess you did too, and I want to know something. If you still had your record collection (in all it’s Glory), and had a craving to play some tracks you haven’t played in decades, what would you play?

Who were the artists that really caught your ear back then and which was your favorite albums from them? What gimmicks caught your eye and which albums would you seek today if you found the dream record store to browse on a weekend with your friends?

If you’ve been paying attention lately, alot of older and newer albums are now being reprinted for the dedicated collectors out there who know there’s just no sound like records and a trusty record player can produce.

They just have that magic feel to them and it’s so much fun to load up that sweet LP onto the player, set that needle down (Ohh so carefully) on the edge and hear that subtle crackling while waiting for your speakers to let loose.

But anyways y’all, as awesome as that is, this IS Saturday night and it’s all about you and what you’re feeling tonight, so feel free to play whatever you wish from any era.

And if you’re New here, Welcome to the page! ✋😁

We’re glad to see you stopping by and getting yourself acquainted to our little get-together we have Every Saturday around this time. I hope seeing you becoming a regular visitor with us every weekend!

Thanx Y’all and have a great Saturday Night! ✌😎🎸



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