Benefits of Living in a Small Town and Tips for Making the Move

Benefits of Living in a Small Town and Tips for Making the Move

If you’re thinking of moving to a small town, you’ve made a great choice. While the big city may seem glamorous, the quality of life in major metropolises tends to be worse than in smaller locales. Today, The News Beyond Detroit shares the many advantages of small-town life and offers some general tips on how to adapt and make the move when transitioning to a small town.


Enjoy a Lower Cost of Living


Small towns tend to have a lower cost of living than urban centers. Before you move, get ready for this change by researching the cost of living. A calculator like Numbeo can help. You can then adapt your budget to your new small-town life. For example, if you’re going to be spending less on things like rent and groceries, you might budget more for emergency savings or retirement planning.


Feel at Ease in Safer Surrounding


Small towns tend to be safer than big cities, in part because there are fewer people. Still, not all small towns are created equal. Do your research to see how safe your new home is before you make the move. You can then determine whether you need to take steps like investing in a home security system. This will help you stay safe and bring you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your new hometown.


Benefit from Proximity to Nature


Small towns tend to have more green spaces in and around them. This can be great for your mental health, having a healthy impact emotionally and even reducing blood pressure. Prepare to take advantage of your new surroundings by developing new hobbies and habits that allow you to spend time outside. You might take up gardening, jogging, or geocaching, to name just a few options.


Enjoy a Cleaner Environment


Smaller towns generally have fewer cars, which can result in better air quality. There also tends to be less garbage on the streets, as people work together to maintain their pristine community. When moving to a small town, prepare to do your part by minimizing your own carbon emissions. You can reduce pollution levels from your vehicle by embracing alternative fuels, for example, and replacing your oil regularly.


Take Advantage of a Close-Knit Community


In a small town, you tend to come across the same faces regularly. You may get to know people like your local bank teller, grocery store clerk, and traffic cop by name. This fosters a sense of familiarity that can be comforting. Social connectivity can also boost your mental health and enhance your general quality of life. When moving to a small town, make an effort to get to know people by taking part in local events and being friendly.


Additionally, close-knit communities tend to have great school systems that offer plenty of personal attention. So if you have children, check the GreatSchools Rating – which measures the quality of the schools in a given area – to see what kind of educational opportunities the area offers.


Deal with Less Competition When Starting a Business


Your professional life can also benefit from moving to a small town. If you want to start a business, you’ll have a supportive community and less competition to deal with. Instead of starting a business from scratch, consider buying a franchise. You’ll benefit from brand recognition, marketing guidance, and easy financing. This primer to purchasing an existing franchise or business can help you prepare to take this step as you move to a small town.


Enjoy a More Restful Sleep


Since they have fewer people and less traffic, small towns tend to be quieter than big cities. This can help improve your quality of sleep, ensuring you wake up every day feeling rested and refreshed. According to the Sleep Foundation, a good night’s sleep can also support your mental health, reducing your risk of issues like anxiety. When moving to a small town, prepare by investing in black-out curtains. With no extra light or noise, you’ll sleep great.


Moving to a small town offers many benefits, as the above list makes clear. However, adapting to this lifestyle can be a challenge. Trust the tips above to help you make the move and ensure a seamless transition.


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