NYC spa day gone bad as woman wakes up trapped in hyperbaric hell

NYC spa day gone bad as woman wakes up trapped in hyperbaric hell

By Deirdre Bardolf

A relaxing spa experience turned nightmarish for a New York woman when she awoke trapped and struggling to breathe in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that had shut off.

Akshie Shah, 44, visited the posh Remedy Place, a “social wellness club” in the Flatiron District, on Nov. 2 and booked a session in the pressurized pod — which the spa says can “reverse the effects of aging.”

After 30 minutes inside, Shah claims the attendant forgot about her. She woke up panicked to find the machine off and had no idea when it last gave air, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“Those minutes inside the chamber, with no access to air, no light, and no one responding to her repeated calls for help, seemed interminable and felt to Akshie as though they were an eternity,” claims the suit, filed on Nov. 10 by attorney Richard Grohmann.

Akshie Shah, a Piermont mother of two, felt her “existence fading” when she woke up alone and trapped inside a hyperbaric oxygen tank, according to court documents.
Facebook Akshie Jhaveri Shah

The Rockland County mother of two felt like she was “experiencing her existence fading during the last few minutes of her life.”

Shah now suffers “severe maladies” including uncontrollable shaking, sudden bursts of fear, loss of appetite, and an “inability to experience joy,” the suit says.

Her husband, Tejas Shah, also continues to “suffer mightily,” having been “deprived of Akshie’s companionship and services.”

Shah says she was forgotten about in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Remedy Place and has since struggled with post-traumatic stress, according to a new suit.
Helayne Seidman

The couple, both acclaimed in the jewelry business, is seeking $2 million in damages.

The swanky Remedy Place, founded by Dr. Jonathan Leary, first opened in West Hollywood in 2019 and in NYC in 2022.

Among its “remedies” are ice baths that have drawn celebs including the Kardashians.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat carbon monoxide poisoning, gangrene, wounds, and infections, according to Johns Hopkins, but in the self-care world is believed to increase collagen, accelerate cell regeneration, and reduce wrinkles.

Akshie and Tejas Shah are suing Remedy Place for $2 million after Akshie was trapped in a hyperbaric oxygen tank at the spa in early November.
Facebook Akshie Jhaveri Shah
An hour-long hyperbaric oxygen treatment at Remedy Place costs $180 and is said to reverse aging.
instagram @airpod.wellness

Remedy Place also offers anti-aging IV drips for $395, 24K gold “ear seeds” to help sleep and digestion for $50, and an “all-access” membership for $2,750 a month.

The eye-popping price list may not have phased the Shahs, however.

Akshie founded the diamond company Grown Brilliance and Tejas recently stepped down as CEO of jewelry manufacturer Unique Designs.

In 2015, they purchased a historic property known as the Lord’s Castle in Rockland County’s “Hollywood on the Hudson” for a reported $5 million.

The Shahs purchased the historic 15,000-square-foot, 10-bedroom Lord’s Castle property in Piermont for a reported $5 million in 2015.
Facebook Piermont Historical Society

Now, they are in the market for a new spa. Despite being offered two free services to make up for the scare, Akshie “has absolutely no intention whatsoever of returning … given the horror she faced,” the lawsuit states.

The couple could not be reached for comment and Grohmann said the case “speaks for itself.” Remedy Place did not respond to messages.

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