Rapper Filmed Gunning Down Manager Before Being Run Over By Car

Rapper Filmed Gunning Down Manager Before Being Run Over By Car


A Florida-based rapper faces murder charges after a camera captured her allegedly gunning down her manager in public, according to New York Post reporting.

Footage acquired by NBC Miami shows Kevhani Camilla Hicks allegedly shooting her manager on October 9th in Miami after he and another male grabbed her, per the outlet. Hicks exited a white vehicle with her manager. The two engaged in a heated exchange of words before physically assaulting each other.

A third male exited the vehicle and joined in on the attack against Hicks, hitting her and helping pin her down. After Hicks managed to escape their grip, one of the males slammed her to the ground.

After the pair backed down, the rapper walked in the opposite direction of the duo before pulling a handgun from her bag and unleashing fire. The manager attempted to duck behind a car, but the rapper followed him to send a series of close-range shots.

The second man got into the car in an attempt to drive away from the scene. While pulling out of the parking spot, he crashed into the rapper and ran her over. He backed up the car while Hicks was still on the ground and then drove away. Hicks regained her footing and ran off into the distance.

Officers found the manager with multiple gunshots and transported him to a hospital where he later died.

Hicks later told officers that the shooting was done in self defense and that one of the men threatened to kill her — a comment that left her feeling like her life was at risk.

“The defendant stated she was in fear due to the victim’s size and upon hearing the victim yell ‘I’ll kill you with one hit,’” a police report read as reported by NBC Miami.

Hicks was placed in custody. The judge granted her a $50,000 bond and house arrest in a subsequent hearing.


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