Flight Crew Allegedly Faked Robbery to Cover Up Wild Night

Flight Crew Allegedly Faked Robbery to Cover Up Wild Night

By Evann Gastaldo

British Airways crew members allegedly indulged in a raucous night of drinking and drugs in Rio de Janeiro, then covered it up by pretending they’d been the victims of various crimes, Brazilian authorities allege. The three airline employees are accused of inventing an armed robbery that supposedly took place on September 5, leaving them “too traumatized to work,” the Independent reports. A scheduled flight to London the next day was delayed, stranding passengers in Rio for 24 hours, according to Insider. Confusingly, however, the Independent reports that, according to the airline, the crew members were not scheduled to work the day after the faked armed robbery, and it’s not clear why the flight to London was delayed.

Police allege the trio made up the story to avoid getting in trouble with their superiors. “After field investigation and intelligence work, data crossing and image analysis, the Special Tourism Support Delegation (Deat) found that” the flight attendants lied, Brazilian authorities said in a statement. “According to Deat, of the various crimes reported by the trio, only one occurred [a cellphone being stolen], after a late night in which they consumed drugs and alcohol and went to an abandoned gas station, close to a community in Rio, where they continued their drug use. The trio are being investigated for falsely reporting a crime.”


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