Bald Eagle Swoops Down To Scoop Up Yappy Yorkie Dog From Back Porch

Bald Eagle Swoops Down To Scoop Up Yappy Yorkie Dog From Back Porch

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Quinn Eaton

Let this be a warning to keep your yappy dogs inside, or at least keep a close eye on them when you let them out.

This close call, which featured a massive bald eagle attacking a tiny little Yorkie named Coco, happened in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Security camera footage is clutch when it comes to viral videos, and once again let us see something that otherwise we may have been left guessing about.

In the video, a normal day for the Yorkie turns into a living nightmare as it has to run for its life from a Bald Eagle. The big bird (our national bird to be exact) is known to swoop down on unsuspecting prey, but yappy dogs are generally not on the menu out in the wild.

However, it’s not exactly out of the norm for eagles and hawks to hunt down smaller animals. We’ve seen eagles horrifically flying off with house cats, and hawks easily snatching up rabbits, so a Yorkie does kind of fit into that “size range” that eagles like to go after.

The Yorkie is hanging out on the deck, presumably waiting to be let back into the house, when the Bald Eagle soars into the yard from out of the sky to pick up the little dog. With the incomparable eyesight that bald eagles boast, the bird had probably been eyeing this Yorkie from above the entire time it was outside.

In the blink of an eye, the eagle swoops in and grabs the screaming and yapping small dog with its talons and starts to carry it off. It bumps into a container sitting on the porch, then goes down to the grass with the Yorkie as the eagle tried to get it situated in order to successfully fly off.

And you’ve got to give the little yappy dog some credit, because it put up a heck of a fight (apparently, it was mostly off camera). Somehow the Yorkie broke free from the eagle’s talons and came running and screaming back to the house. Once the dog got away, it appears that the eagle gave up on it, and decided to try and find a meal somewhere else.

Take a look:

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

It also could have just been dumb luck that the Yorkie got away, but you’ve still got admit the yappy pet is one tough dog. He/she has that dog in them, as the kids are saying nowadays.

One way to avoid this happening to your pet is to always keep a close eye on them when they are outside. Another method of avoiding an eagle attack is to just get a bigger dog. As the philosophical mind of Ron Swanson (from the beloved sitcom Parks and Recreation) once proclaimed:

“Any dog under 50 pounds is a cat, and cat’s are pointless.”

Bald Eagle Swoops Down To Scoop Up Yappy Yorkie Dog From Back Porch

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