EVERYONE: USE THIS STORY TO COMMUNICATE: Radio Check 1 2 3 (Is disqus acting up for you guys too?)


EDIT: Disqus is broken.Ā  Our friends are working hard on the problem, but we do not have an ETA for a repair. Feel free to comment on all posted stories, although nobody will be able to read them until it is fixed. Since it could literally be any minute, we could see all messages pop up at once which would be kind of fun if a bunch just appeared. If we hear anything about a resolution we will pass it on to the community, but it’s more likely that things will just start working and we will all know at the same time.


Hey’ya TNBDites!


I hope everyone here’s having a good night tonight.

If y’all would be so kind, please let us know if you’re noticing that disqus is acting up for you right now.Ā  The symptoms a couple of us are noticing is that new comments disappear after refreshing the page.. and some stories that have comments from within the last hour (10:50 EST) come up blank when I click on them..


How about you? Please chime in won’t’cha?


We’re watching for your responses.


Thanx everyone! šŸ‘ŠšŸ˜‰



Thanx again everyone for chiming in:

I can’t see your responses myself but they can be seen on the Boss’s mod panel and it seems to be unanimous with everyone having the same issue.

If you guys wanna communicate, you can still talk on your notifications page if you reply to a reply that you received earlier. Or you can reply to anyone with an open profile and reply from one of their posted comments there .

Mucho appreciated, feel free to try again here if you still wanna test things out.



This one’s for you disqus..šŸŽø


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