Woman in Bodysuit Gets Kicked Off Plane, Tells Passengers She’s ‘Instagram Famous’ As She Leaves


Joe Raedle via Getty Images


A video shows a woman who claims to be “Instagram famous” getting kicked off an American Airlines flight for seemingly arguing with other passengers, per TMZ.

A 20-second clip of the incident shows an unidentified woman in a bodysuit engaging in an argument with the airplane staff as she grabs her luggage. “Call me a bitch again,” she saysd in the clip, as seen below. “I did nothing wrong.”

Another passenger off-camera tells her to “shut up,” prompting her to tell them to “shut the fuck up.”

As she leaves the plane, she turns to notice someone filming her public outburst. “You shut the fuck up, and your bitch,” she continued. “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you fucking bum.”

It’s unclear when the flight took place, and if her outburst caused any delays, but American Airlines’ logo can be seen throughout the clip.


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