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I have noticed a trend regarding online interaction and communication.  I see the term “echo chamber” being used a lot, and it seems to be an increasing trend.  I would like to know if people simply wish to be with other like-minded thinkers, is that automatically an “echo chamber”?  Why do some people who disagree with many views of the general population of a group often feel the need to be allowed in for the purposes of publicly and vehemently disagreeing?  Must the outliers be allowed into the group?  If they’re not allowed in, does that automatically make the group an echo chamber?

I am a hunter.  I am passionate about this sport and I very much enjoy discussing hunting with others in a group called Hunt Club.  Are we an echo chamber if we do not allow people from PETA in? Why do many PETA feel an intense need to come into our group strictly to point out how wrong we are in their eyes? Why do they want to fight?  Arguing all of the time is not good for your health, yet the PETA types are there only to fight with us.  Can’t we just have a nice conversation on our own with like-minded people?   Can’t a group of people with common interests have a place of their own without being labeled as echo chambers?  Or do we have to invite chaos and frustrating arguments when we just want to enjoy talking with our own.

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