Real cause of migrant crisis: Letters to the Editor — May 26, 2023

Real cause of migrant crisis: Letters to the Editor — May 26, 2023

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The Issue: New York leaders’ handling of the increasing number of migrants coming to the city.

Michael Goodwin nails it again (“Tell Joe, already: Seal the border!” May 24).

Mayor Adams, Gov. Hochul and most Democrats spout their loquacious drivel almost nonstop about the illegal immigration crisis.

They scream and stomp about needing more money, more hotels, more everything to deal with the situation, but they’re only treating the symptoms of this nationwide disease.

Nothing will change for the better until someone in the far-left Democratic Party summons the intestinal and political fortitude to tell President Biden three simple words: Close the border.

James McCaffrey


No, there’s no migrant crisis. There’s a common-sense crisis.

Why did the liberal Democrats think we could take on everybody who wants to come here? Now they’re crying wolf.

Too bad they didn’t think about their open-door policies before this. I feel bad for the homeless, the handicapped and the poor, but I can’t take then into my home. I’d be overrun. That’s what’s happening.

We are being overrun, and this is being allowed by our government.

Brenda Hodgkiss

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Gov. Hochul has finally weighed in on the migrant disaster in New York City (“Kat finds her tongue at last,” May 23).

Did Mayor Adams threaten her with a photo of a 50-passenger bus with destination “Albany” printed across the front?

It seems that all they discussed was work permits and jobs for the migrants, with no mention of the root cause of the problem: Biden’s total erasure of our southern border.

It’s apparent that the majority of the migrants are non-professionals; some are mothers with young children. So, what types of good-paying jobs are they expected to get that will enable them to support themselves and their families in a city that is, probably, the most expensive in the country to live in?

It’s inevitable that the taxpayers of New York will be footing the bill for their survival, including the education of the children.

Dick Mills


I find it almost hypocritical that so many mayors and governors of sanctuary cities and states are complaining about the thousands of migrants now flooding their cities and states.

For years, they shouted out with great pride that they welcome all to their borders. Now that people are actually coming, they complain about them being there.

The problem is our open border. The problem is an administration that says our border is closed and under control, when, sadly, it is not.

The history of our country is based on people from all over the world coming to the United States legally. We welcome all legally. Not the hundreds of thousands who cross the Rio Grande illegally and slip into the unknown.

Jerry Esposito


Mayor Adams, you should stop crying and blaming others and take care of business as it relates to the undocumented immigrants.

You designated New York City a sanctuary city. I don’t remember having a voice in that decision. You don’t have to roll out the welcome wagon for these people.

We feel for them, but when were any previous immigrants treated so royally at taxpayers’ expense?

You have buses at your disposal — use them. I’m sure if you directed a few buses to Delaware or Washington, DC, you would get some help.

Robert Leavy

Middle Village

As an American, I have no problem with immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants.

However, past immigrants came here and provided for themselves — or their family or community did, not the public.

These people, coming illegally, get cash, phones etc., while American citizens who are homeless get nothing and legal immigrants don’t get those benefits.

Let them go through the legal process. Our security and safety is at risk. Not just personal safety, but national security.


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