State Agency Begs Residents To Wear Clothes In ID Photos

State Agency Begs Residents To Wear Clothes In ID Photos


The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) implored residents in a PSA on Tuesday that they must wear clothes when taking photos.

The Georgia DDS delivered the PSA on the heels of their recently-launched digital driver’s license and state IDs, according to Fox 54. A post on the Facebook page of the agency reinforced the reminder, asking residents to keep “things classy.”


The DDS has assured residents that the digital photo and app wouldn’t substitute the physical copy, but that it would allow flyers to get through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint. Residents will be able to access their state-issued ID via Apple Wallet on their iPhones or Apple Watches, according to the government website.

Several other states have developed digital IDs along with Georgia, including Arizona, Colorado and Maryland, according to State Scoop. These states now feature scanners at TSA checkpoints that accept digital licenses stored in a flyer’s Apple Wallet, the outlet reported.

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