People are fleeing California for Florida because of politics, not weather

People are fleeing California for Florida because of politics, not weather

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The country has witnessed massive levels of domestic migration in recent years, according to the United States Census Bureau . Between April 2020 and the summer of 2022, Florida topped the list with a net increase of over 600,000 residents. Texas was second with over 475,000, and North Carolina was third with over 211,000.

For anyone paying any attention to state policy in the weeks, months, and years that followed the coronavirus outbreak, the reason for this is obvious. But for others, they have an alternative: It’s because Florida has great weather and beautiful beaches!

Earlier this year, for example, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to debunk the idea that the search for political sanity was any sort of factor.

“Florida was doing GREAT long before Ron DeSactus got there,” Trump wrote.

“SUNSHINE AND OCEAN, very alluring!!!” Trump later added in his trademark all-caps.

Bloomberg columnist Matthew Yglesias made this same argument over the weekend, tweeting snarkily that “Florida’s rapid population is 100 percent due to public policy choices and has nothing to do with weather or coastline.”

“Indiana and Iowa should just copy the DeSantis playbook and get the same results,” he added.

There’s just one problem.

While Florida gained over 600,000 residents between April 2020 and July 2022, over 871,000 people fled California.

But how can this be? After all, California arguably has the best “SUNSHINE AND OCEAN” in the country, without the undeniably horrendous humidity of Florida and the annual threat of hurricanes. Not only that, you can surf and ski on the same day in California — hardly the norm for the average resident of Orlando.

And yet people are packing their bags and running away from California at almost laughable rates, with hundreds of thousands more leaving New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey for states such as Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Why? Because people are sick of authoritarian lunacy.

Is it a coincidence that fundamental rights are protected in popular states while being actively attacked in unpopular states?

Is it a coincidence that Florida, Texas, and Tennessee, three of the most popular states, have no state income tax, while California, New York, and New Jersey impose a state income tax of up to 12.3%, 10.9%, and 10.75%, respectively?

Is it a coincidence that while Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was standing in opposition to the federal government, under both Trump and President Joe Biden, to protect the rights of citizens to live their lives, Democratic governors such as California’s Gavin Newsom, New York’s Andrew Cuomo, and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer were falling over themselves to destroy their state economies while enabling the deaths of as many old people as possible?

The idea that people move solely because of sunshine and beaches is a symptom of the same leftist arrogance that fueled these relentless totalitarians whom people are now trying to escape.

California might be beautiful, but I’d take landlocked Tennessee or humid Florida or hotter-than-hell Texas over Newsom’s closed beaches any day of the week.

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