California Mom Unfazed By Comments on Her Appearance At Son’s Kindergarten Graduation




Some people took issue with her outfit, saying it was inappropriate for a graduation ceremony and that Moe needs to be “taught” how to dress for certain occasions. Some even questioned where the child’s father was.

“She didn’t dress appropriate. She looks improper, out of place and stained from her presence,” one Facebook user said.

“At least two things are wrong with this. Her lack of clothing and if he’s not taking the picture the missing daddy,” another user commented.

Others are saying it’s unnecessary and judgmental to comment about her apparel, especially when they don’t know her.

“She is a young mother and all these older people have so much to say about her attire but who is actually standing in the gap with her,” one commenter wrote. “…we judging her not knowing her and at the end of the day she is there. Wanna know how many parents don’t show at all,” one person said.

“She’s active and she’s supporting her son. Some of you people like to sit high and look low. You’re not God to judge or condemn this young lady. Nobody know her story, you only see a picture.. one thing for sure, the world knows she supported her son….”

As for what Moe has to say, she isn’t taking anyone’s opinions of her or her outfit seriously.

“This my son n my body I’ll wear what the fuck I want,” Moe told Atlanta Black Star in social media message. “People gone always have an opinion. That will never move me. Get out y’all feeling n get n y’all bag.”

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