Congress Votes To Repeal Biden’s Climate Rule Targeting Trucks, Heavy Vehicles

Congress Votes To Repeal Biden’s Climate Rule Targeting Trucks, Heavy Vehicles

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The House of Representatives voted to overturn a new regulation by the Biden administration that would require trucking companies to comply with new climate regulations, sending the measure to President Joe Biden’s desk after the Senate passed it on April 26.

Senate Joint Resolution 11, which passed the Senate on April 26 by a narrow 50-49 vote, would repeal the “Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards” issued by the Environmental Protection Agency in January of 2023. The standards – affecting trucks, trains, aircraft, diesel generators, industrial engines and gas companies – would require compliance with new test procedures, warranties and emission controls, which Republicans claim would harm businesses with unnecessary regulations.

“[E]very American consumer will feel the effects of this rule and its price increases. Raising costs and driving truckers out of business isn’t just bad for the transportation sector — it would be devastating for an economy still reeling from the impacts of inflation. I encourage President Biden to reevaluate his misguided veto threat and sign this bipartisan bill into law.” — Republican Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska

The House passed the resolution by a vote of 221-203, with four Democrats joining Republicans. The bill, which passed the Senate during the medical absence of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and is not subject to a filibuster, will now be presented before President Biden, who will likely veto it — only the third veto of his presidency, with the preceding two also being vetoes of rule repeals.


The rule has been controversial for its left-wing provisions, including an “environmental justice” provision stating that the rule’s promulgation is, in part, because “people of color and people with low income are disproportionately exposed to elevated concentrations of many pollutants in close proximity to major roadways.” Additionally, it estimated that adhering to the standards would have cost between $2,568 and $8,304 per vehicle, with a total economic cost of $55 billion.

Opposition to the rule has been bipartisan, with Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia having voted in favor of repealing it in April. He said that “the Biden Administration wants to burden the trucking industry with oppressive regulations that will increase prices by thousands of dollars and push truck drivers and small trucking companies out of business,” per a statement on his website.

The repeal has been sponsored by Republican Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, who has said the measure would “jack up vehicle costs and hurt good paying jobs…[when] the last thing this country needs is more expensive freight costs and fewer truckers,” per a statement before the Senate vote.

In the House, its passage was led by Republican Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas, who said that “The EPA’s final rule is yet another example of burdensome federal regulation and would unfairly target the trucking industry and pass costs for the American consumer and small businesses, all in the name of the Biden Administration’s woke climate change agenda,” in a statement to the DCNF.

The EPA has been contacted with a request for comment.

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