Hi Guys,

We know that many of you use and enjoy TNBD email notifications, and some of you have contacted us that it wasn’t working the way that it always used to. So we had that fixed for you and it’s been tested out and is working perfectly now.

So if you’re a person that uses and enjoys the email notifications, RE SIGN UP for it, because this one is going through a different app so you will need to resubscribe again. Make sure that you watch for the email confirmation in your inbox.  (or check your Spam).  Once you confirm the email address, you’ll start getting an email when a new story goes up.

If you are a person that does not use this you might want to sign up for this feature for when DISQUS goes down. You will get an email alert each time a new story is posted on TNBD, even if Disqus doesn’t.

To join just look for this on the home page or on any story here on TNBD.

Thanks for all your emails letting us know that you use it and that it was having problems. We appreciate all of your help.



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