His Wife Cheated on Him So He Reported Her to the Government and They Revoked Her Greencard

His Wife Cheated on Him So He Reported Her to the Government and They Revoked Her Greencard

by Isabella Sylvester

A man recently told the story of how he got his revenge when he found out his cheating Romanian wife had just used him to get a Greencard to the US.

Here’s what he had to say.

The two met while working in a national park. The 30-year-old guy was quite smitten with the 22-year-old housekeeper, who was on a working visa.

There was an instant attraction between the pair, and within a month of first meeting, they were in a solid relationship.

After returning to her home in Romania, the couple continued their long-distance affair by visiting each other on recreational visas. He would spend a few months in Romania, and she would visit him in the States. As time went by, the relationship became more serious.

Eventually, the conversation came up with her family about the possibility of moving her to America on a permanent basis. Romania had never really recovered from the corrupt regime, which had made life very difficult for a lot of people.

So her mother thought that if her daughter married an American and moved to the US, she wouldn’t have to worry about her as she would have more opportunities.

The loved-up man was only too happy to arrange for sponsorship and promptly proposed to her. He felt like all his dreams finally came true when they married and started their life together.

However, his happiness was short-lived.

Soon after the couple settled into their life in the States, he started to get some worrying information about the love of his life.

His new wife’s best friend back in Romania had forwarded him screenshots of messages that she had received from his wife, who, for a year, had been bragging about how she had managed to con him into paying for her residency while she cheated on him with eight different men.

 “You are a good man, and you don’t deserve this,” messaged the friend.

His heartbreak soon turned into ice-cold revenge.

While plotting his revenge, he remembered that her brother had once boasted about how he had “done time in prison for smuggling weapons” to Turkish terrorists and how his sister, the cheating wife, had been the lookout.

So, he promptly reported his unfaithful wife to Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, knowing that by doing this, there would be no turning back, and it would be unlikely that he would ever see her again.

During the “War on Terror” days, the officials did not take this type of action lightly. So his wife was immediately arrested, deported, and put on a permanent no-entry terror watchlist. Revenge was served.

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