Trump Accuser Gets Called Out on Previous Tweets

Trump Accuser Gets Called Out on Previous Tweets

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In 2019, E. Jean Carroll publicly accused then-President Donald Trump of rape, alleging that he had attacked her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. Trump responded to the claims, categorically denying them and calling them “totally false.” In a new twist to the story, Trump recently released screenshots of some of Carroll’s old tweets which appear to clash with her accusations. His lawyers have argued that these tweets prove Carroll is not credible and her allegations are false while Carroll’s own legal team have defended her, insisting that they were taken out of context and that she is telling the truth.

The case is still ongoing even though judgement has initially been ruled against President Trump as he is appealing the case to a higher court. However, Trump’s release of the screenshots has raised new questions about her credibility and the veracity of her claims.

For example, she tweeted that she was a “MASSIVE” fan of Trump’s tv show, “The Apprentice”. Now, let me ask you something, if you had been assaulted by someone who had their own tv show, how eager to watch and how big of a fan do you think that you would be of the show? Wouldn’t that just be traumatic to watch?


In addition to the tweets, Trump’s lawyers have also pointed to other inconsistencies in Carroll’s story. For example, she has changed her account of when and where the alleged assault took place. She has also said that she did not report the assault to the police because she was afraid of retaliation from Trump.

Carroll’s lawyers have said that she did not report the assault because she was ashamed and did not want to relive the experience. They have also said that she did not remember the exact date or location of the assault because it happened so long ago.

Trump Accuser Gets Called Out on Previous Tweets

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