1 in 3 Female Recruits Injured in Army Basic Training


“Nearly 30% of female recruits were injured on average each month”







America can have a military that wins wars or plays identity politics. We can either have the best warfighting force possible or a military that, as woke generals and politicians insist, “looks like America.”

Such a military will have drag queens in the Navy, use racial quotas in the Air Force, and pretend that there are no biological differences between men and women.

And when reality intrudes, it’ll be firmly shooed away. But reality doesn’t go away. Ignoring it just means someone pays the price.

Women are at least twice as likely as men to be injured in Army basic training, according to data collected over six years by the service…

During 2022, nearly 30% of female recruits were injured on average each month during Army basic training. The average was 23% per month between 2017 and 2022, the data shows. During those years, about 12% of male recruits were injured each month.

While our woke betters have decided that the difference between men and women is a state of mind, and that changing your sex is as easy as getting some shots, a few nips and tucks, and changing external presentation, the biological differences do not go on and off as easily as putting on a dress.

A military with identity politics as its primary mission is eliminating gender-specifics (no more airmen) and integrating the Marines, but reality can’t be changed with a new directive.

You can change standards and tests, which politicians and the military keep doing.

The ACFT, which replaced the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) earlier this year, was originally designed with gender-neutral standards. However, when only about half of active duty enlisted women passed the test for a Rand study — versus more than 90% of men — those standards were changed…

The congressman cited an essay written last year by Capt. Kristen Greist, one of the first two women to graduate from Ranger School, who worried that separate fitness standards would harm women’s acceptance in male-dominated units.

“Under a gender-based system, women in combat arms have to fight every day to dispel the notion that their presence inherently weakens these previously all-male units,” Greist wrote. “Lower female standards also reinforce the belief that women cannot perform the same job as men, therefore making it difficult for women to earn the trust and confidence of their teammates.”

Women can push themselves to meet a fitness standard, but there are still physical consequences. And no amount of moving the goal posts will change that.

Matthew Vadum wrote about this for Front Page Magazine a while back.

Experts in Great Britain studied what bearing the mixing of the sexes on the battlefield had on 21 factors that affect combat effectiveness. Eleven of those factors were thought to have “negative” effects on combat effectiveness and of those only three “cannot be mitigated by changes to structure or training.” These three unisex categories were “Survivability & Lethality, Deployability, and Morbidity.” (Donnelly describes the latter as “vulnerability to injury or illness.”)

The report notes that “[W]omen have smaller hearts, about 30% less muscle, and a slighter skeleton with wider pelvic bones resulting in less explosive power and upper body strength.” These differences in physiology “disadvantage women by 20 to 40%; so for the same output women have to work harder than men.”

Women are hit disproportionately with injuries, the report says. “[T]he rate of trauma and overuse lower limb MSK (musculoskeletal injury) remains two-fold higher… and the rate of hip and pelvic stress fractures is ten-fold higher in women.”

No civilized society, except facing total defeat, sends women into combat. But civilized societies also don’t have drag queens perform in front of children or mutilate them.

The American people are still civilized, but our elites get their worldview from deranged savages who imagine themselves to be the vanguard of a better world. But leftist insanity still can’t get past the hard wall of reality. No amount of delusions can change the world. All leftist delusions can do is ruin people’s lives.




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